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Dock Utility

A set of utilities for Desk Dock, currently include:
- Auto Enable/Disable Hot-Spot.
- Auto Enable/Disable Keyboard/Phone Lock.

Planned features for future:
- Widget for enable/disable hot-spot
- Widget for enable/disable lock
- Auto set volume on dock

Please send all comment and feature requests to my email: android.bohlool at gmail

Change Log:
- Bug Fixed: Hot-spot fail to enabled if Wifi is enable. (fixed)
- New feature: Keep Display On
- New feature: Disable Lock app Launch (still can be launched by pressing home key whine the phone is on dock)
- New feature: remember wifi state before enabling hot-spot.

V 1.1:
- Bug Fix: Re-enable lock didn't work
known issue: if you kill the app while on the dock (or it killed by the android system) your screen may lock again. everything else would work even if you kill the app. i.e. hotspot will disable even if you kill the app during use on the dock.